Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order on the website, you can return the products within 14 working days of receiving your order.

Product exchange

If you do not like the color or appearance of the product you purchased, you may exchange it for another (in accordance with our return policy above).

When do you get the refund for a product return?

In most cases, we will refund the money within 14 days from the date we received the goods from you.

What should you do if you no longer have the original packaging?

If the original packaging is no longer usable, it can be replaced with another of similar size, free of other labels and barcodes.

How can you return a product?

  1. Write an email to including your name, order number and reason for return.
  2. Wait for the email confirmation. You will receive a confirmation within one working day.
  3. Please prepare the package. Write the order number on the box.
  4. Returns from EU countries must be sent back at your own expense to one of our addresses:

GoGlobal24 DAGRA
Oldenburger Ring 3,
02829 Markersdorf

GoGlobal24 DAGRA
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII n 13/15,
20053 Rodano(Mi)

GoGlobal24 DAGRA
22 rue Edmond Rostand porte 0012,
59130 Lambersart

GoGlobal24 DAGRA
C/ Mailing Bcn – Girona. Nave 5. , Pol. Ind. Can Casses
08760 Martorell

GoGlobal24 DAGRA
Afrikastraat 23,
6014CG Ittervoort

GoGlobal24 DAGRA
Zdrojowa 7
64-800 Chodzie┼╝